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About Andie Kantor

Andie Kantor is the host of the AndieSpeak podcast.  She  has bought, sold, and built real estate from the ground up, doubled her money in the stock market, and studied financial planning extensively.  Andie is a National Board Certified Teacher, a public school teacher librarian—and is building the life of her dreams!

At home, Andie is a proud mom of an amazing boy and two snuggly, spoiled dogs.  They live in Los Angeles, California and the humans go to Disneyland whenever they can.  Andie’s hobbies include reading and listening to podcasts (mostly science fiction, fantasy, and self-helpery), practical magick, and drinking loose-leaf tea.  Andie loves all things Star Wars (except the Dark Side, save for Thrawn, who she refers to as her “literary boyfriend”). Andie’s favorite Pokemon is Eevee and all the Eeveelutions, and her favorite Doctor is 10, played by David Tenant.

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