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What Can I Do Part 1

Two days ago I saw a troubling video on Facebook about dogs being illegally traded for meat and skin in Thailand. It really disturbed me in a way that I cannot express.

The next morning I was still thinking about it as I drove to work. I felt helpless, and thought, "but what can I do about it?"

But then I thought, "that's right. What can I do about it?" And in my head I immediately listed a bunch of things that could be on my to-do list, if I so chose:

* Give money to Soi Dog Foundation, the organization who created the video to get the word out

* Quit my job, move to Thailand, spend my life helping those poor dogs

* Post on Facebook every single day, reminding people that there are animals who are being tortured

* Fund raise

* Etc.

I can do any of these things. Some would be easier than others, but the simple fact is that... I can do ANY of these things.

This got me thinking about the rest of the areas of my life.

I realized that there is an awful lot I can do, I just need to choose what I want to do. And then do it.

I am the most powerful person in the universe (Hint: so are you). I can accomplish absolutely anything I set my mind to; I've already proved this to myself time and time again. I have met every goal I have ever set for myself. I haven't written yet about the two 5K's that I've run in the last three weeks, the 5K I'm going to do in January, or the 10K in March, but if I can run a 5K without even breaking to walk, I can do anything else I can think of. The question is, what is it that I want to place my attention on?

I decided that "getting my life back together" is definitely pretty high up there on my list of priorities. I've been a squatter in my parent's home since August--thank ANY DEITY WHO HELPED WITH THAT, that my parents took me in; I am so, so grateful that I had a safe place for me, the Dude, the dogs, to live for a few months -- but now I think it's time to start moving. Yesterday I called a realtor; we have an appointment set up for early next week. In the mean time I'm making a list of what I want in a property. So, we will have a place to call home at some point soon. I've been exercising, eating healthfully--vegetarianing again--and starting to make dates with friends I haven't seen in months. I've been paying attention--just a little bit--to Spirit. And here I am writing again, although it feels stiff to do so and the words are not coming easily. But I think I might be coming back...

After I'm feeling more settled, more stable, then I can start thinking about how I can save the world. That whole, "have a strong foundation; get Malkuth settled in order to deal properly with Kether--or even Yesod" sort of thing. ...Or at least the dogs in the world. Or at least the dogs here in L.A. Or whatever it is that I'm going to do. I feel a little overwhelmed at all the choices I have, but if that's my biggest starting issue, I think I'll be OK. Whatever it is I decide on, I know that I'll be successful. How could I not be?

I am grateful.

Note: I have not done any research on Soi Dog Foundation.

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