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Products I Recommend  for you!


These are my FAVORITE cleaning products!  I know, I know--who has a favorite cleaning product?  Well, I do!  These are incredible, green products--all you need is water to clean your entire house!  When you order, please tell Patty I said hi! 

Hair Color

Herbal-based hair color.  It totally works over gray!  I love the color so much--it is exactly what I want.



We talk all the time about what we put in our bodies, but the topic of tampons never seem to be in the conversation.  Don't use tampons with chemicals!  Use these organic cotton tampons with BPA-free plastic applicator instead!


You know how sometimes you use a pen and it just gliiiiides over the paper?  These pens do just that, and they are so comfortable to write with.  I use the 1.2 mm size and they are  SO GOOD!!

I may recieve akickback from some Amazon purchases, as I am an Amazon Affiliate..png
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