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10. Offering the Cookie

Updated: May 17, 2021

My friend Patty, like me, has a home/based business. Like mine, her products help people and the environment. Unlike mine, her product is not sexy. While I sell vegan, non-GMO protein powders and a skin care line that makes this former teenager’s pizza face look like a model, she sells… well, cleaning products.

I am obsessed with her cleaning products. When I threw my first party for her, I invited my bestie, who responded, “...why do you think I would want to go to a party for cleaning products?” Which was a good point, as neither of us has ever been very strong in the housekeeping department. But after attending the party, she also is obsessed. And we have other friends who are equally ...well, obsessed.

In a conversation where we discussed our businesses, I asked Patty what her secret was for sharing her cleaning products so effortlessly. I always--always!--had felt a bit of stress when I shared about mine and she always exuded good cheer.

“I just offer the cookies,” she said simply, and then launched into a delightful analogy.

Imagine you’re hosting a party and you have a tray of the most delicious-tasting cookies that ever have been. You walk around the room and offer each person a cookie. Do you skip anyone? No, that would be rude. If they take it, that’s great! They get a cookie! If they don’t, that’s great! They don’t get a cookie. You don’t have an emotional attachment because they are cookies! You know they are great cookies, but if someone doesn’t want one--for any reason, you are not attached. You just keep sharing the cookies with everyone. Sometimes people who didn’t want the cookie the first time you went around the room want it the second time, or even the third time. That’s ok, too! Your job is to know you have a great offering and to keep on politely offering it to everyone. Your job is not to worry about what their response might be.

Her story reminded me of a quote from the Book of the Law: For pure will, unassuaged of purpose, delivered from the lust of result, is every way perfect.

You have cookies to offer, and you are here to offer cookies. You are here to make sure your cookies are the best cookies that you personally can make --be they words of wisdom, a guitar riff, or a cleaning product. Your job is not to worry about anyone or anything else. You are here to be you, in the truest way you possibly can.

The world needs you, as you are and as you are becoming. Without you, there is a you-sized vacant spot that no one else can ever fill, whose voice will never be heard. We need you, and we need your voice.

Offer your cookies.

Show notes:

Arbonne - protein shakes, make up, skin care

Norwex - cleaning products - please say hi to Patty and tell her I sent you!

BOTH - good for planet and people! I love them both so, so much!!!!

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